RenShape (coming soon)
10 februari 2020
RenShape (coming soon)
10 februari 2020

HYTAC®-HTF – Copolymer Syntactic Foam

High Temperature and high friction copolymer syntactic foam for sticky and/or deep draw products and challenging part geometry.

HYTAC-HTF copolymer syntactic foam is the ideal product for many “sticky” materials. This newly created formula can operate at higher temperatures while allowing lower heat transfer between the plug and sheet. HTF promotes even wall thickness throughout the entire part and is excellent for deep draw applications due to its high friction. HTF’s unique formulation and microsphere size allows it to be polished to a mirror-like finishand exhibits minimal plastic build up when in contact with barrier films and other multi-layer applications.


  • Excellent for use with barrier films and other multi-layer applications
  • High friction for deep draw applications
  • Highest service temperature
  • Dust free maching and easy to polish
  • High durability

Available material sizes

Custom cut service

Get your HYTAC® material pre-cut in the dimensions that you need. Contact CMT Europe for more information about material and prices.

Standard size Rods and sheets

Ø 51 x 610mm
Ø 63 x 610mm
Ø 76 x 610mm
Ø 88 x 610mm
Ø 101 x 610mm
Ø 114 x 610mm
Ø 127 x 610mm
Ø 139 x 610mm
Ø 152 x 610mm

25 x 610 x 660mm
38 x 610 x 660mm
51 x 610 x 660mm
63 x 610 x 660mm
76 x 610 x 660mm
88 x 610 x 660mm
101 x 610 x 660mm
114 x 610 x 660mm
152 x 610 x 660mm

NOTE: ±1.5% tolerance is applied to all dimensions for standard stock items.

More information about materials, availability and prices?

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