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2 mei 2017
2 mei 2017
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HYTAC®-C1R – Copolymer Syntactic Foam

High friction copolymer syntactic foam for deep draw products and challenging part geometry.

HYTAC-C1R copolymer syntactic foam provides high friction and the highest durability of any copolymer syntactic foam. HYTAC-C1R is designed for deep draw applications and any other applications where high friction is needed. It may be polished to a very smooth surface when necessary for working with transparent plastics.


  • High friction for deep draw applications
  • Excellent surface characteristics
  • Highest durable copolymer syntactic foam
  • Easy to machine and to polish

Available material sizes

Custom cut service

Get your HYTAC® material pre-cut in the dimensions that you need. Contact CMT Europe for more information about material and prices.

Standard size Rods and sheets

Ø 51 x 610mm
Ø 63 x 610mm
Ø 76 x 610mm
Ø 88 x 610mm
Ø 101 x 610mm
Ø 114 x 610mm
Ø 127 x 610mm
Ø 139 x 610mm
Ø 152 x 610mm

25 x 610 x 660mm
38 x 610 x 660mm
51 x 610 x 660mm
63 x 610 x 660mm
76 x 610 x 660mm
88 x 610 x 660mm
101 x 610 x 660mm
114 x 610 x 660mm
152 x 610 x 660mm

NOTE: ±1.5% tolerance is applied to all dimensions for standard stock items.

More information about materials, availability and prices?