HYTAC®-LPXT – Copolymer Syntactic Foam

PTFE-impregnated copolymer syntactic foam for high transparency and sticky materials.

HYTAC-LPXT is a copolymer syntactic impregnated with PTFE for improved release characteristics that reduce sheet sticking. LPXT is the best choice when forming multilayer or barrier films and other applications requiring optical clarity.


  • Ultra-smooth surface characteristics.
  • Low sheet sticking.
  • Excellent toughness and durability.
  • Easy to machine and to polish.

Available material sizes

Custom cut service

HYTAC®-LPXT is available as a standard size block and can be cut to your required dimensions.

Custom Casting Service

HYTAC®-LPXT can be casted as an outer layer of a two-part system consisting of a core of epoxy coated large, hollow composite spheres and an exterior of high-performance syntactic foam.

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