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The function of your machine part will be influenced by the material where it’s made of and so, it will impact the quality of process and your end-product.

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Our range of products

HYTAC® Plug assist Materials

Each grade of HYTAC® is optimized for performance with different types of plastic, temperature use, machining conditions, surface finish and durability. The right material choice improves material distribution, enhances clarity, reduces plastic residue sticking to the plug, and maximizes plug life.

METAPOR® Air Permeable Composites

The micro-porous structure of the material provides numerous advantages that are useful in the thermoforming industry as well as for vacuum clamping and air cushion devices.

Composite Tooling Materials

These tough and machinable epoxy toolboard materials are an excellent choice for constructing forming tools, master models, fixturing and other heat resistant applications.

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